Easy to Apply

BAMB® applied surface is left to dry at room temperature. (If the dryer is to be used, its temperature should not be higher than 160° C. Temperatures above this degree may cause the thermal wear of the product. You can contact us for temperatures exceeding 160° C.) When the water evaporates and the surface dries, “antimicrobial barrier” is built and actively begins to work.

Any method such as dipping, spraying, screening can be used to antimicrobial protect a product or surface with BAMB®. When spraying, it is recommended to cover the entire surface. After spraying BAMB® on the surface, it is recommended to wait for 4-5 minutes and distribute it to the surface with a clean cloth or sponge. Using fogging machines when applying in large square meter areas such as hospital, food facility, cold storage, will prevent the product from being consumed more than necessary. Regardless of the method, the target surface should be cleaned and as dry as possible before the application. Care must be taken to avoid dirt and dust particles on the surface during pre-cleaning. If anionic cleaners such as soap are used in pre-cleaning, the surface should be rinsed thoroughly and no residue should be left.

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