Durable & Eco-Friendly


BAMB®, which is covalently bonded to the surface it protects, does not age, dissolve, corrode in time, does not contaminate, move, evaporate and wash out. It maintains its effectiveness between 3 months and 12 months depending on the intensity of use of the surface on which it is applied and the level of wear.

New Generation

Microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria that naturally exist in our living spaces always carry the risk of proliferation and transmission when they find a suitable environment. For this, we have to fight microbes by using various products and methods.

It is clear that we must avoid harming nature, humans and other living things while fighting microbes. Therefore, efforts to create an alternative to traditional disinfectants are continuing all over the world. Nano Technology product BAMB® offers a brand new and unique approach to hygiene.


BAMB® is completely nature friendly thanks to its water based structure. It does not contain toxic substances or toxic gases, it does not leave chemical residue, it only gives water vapor to the environment. It is not carcinogenic.

BAMB® does not get on food products, skin or other materials from the surface it is attached to.